Report: Oil companies not ready for computer hacks

Oil companies are not prepared to deal with computer system threats, according to a new report.

The Ponemon Institute report reveals that those in charge of handling critical control systems in companies know they are not ready to battle cyberattacks, the Houston Chronicle reports.


Only 17 percent of the 599 security executives at oil, gas, energy and utility manufacturing companies questioned by the research group said they are already using their top-notch technology and programs to fight cyberattacks.

And just 28 percent of those surveyed say security is one of the top five priorities at their company.

While those in high level positions at energy companies know there is a serious problem "people aren't doing enough," said Larry Poneman, head of the organization that conducted the survey.

The Hill reported on similar concerns from oil and gas plant operators, and refineries across the U.S. last month.

According to the Department of Homeland Security of the 200 hacking attacks reported, over 40 percent were on the energy sector in 2013.