Chevron refinery project in Calif. gets city approval

Richmond, Calif.’s city regulators have granted Chevron Corp. approval for a $1 million upgrade project at its oil refinery there.

Chevron agreed to provide $90 million in community programs in exchange for the approval, including scholarships and Internet access for nearby residents, Bloomberg News reported.


The oil giant is also subject to limits on refining volume and greenhouse gas emissions, Bloomberg said.

“We’re pleased with the city council’s decision to approve the modernization project so we can get to work on making this refinery newer, safer and cleaner and putting 1,000 people back to work,” Chevron spokeswoman Melissa Ritchie told Bloomberg.

Chevron previously obtained approval for a larger modernization effort in 2008, but a judge revoked that permit while the project was underway, saying the city’s environmental assessment was flawed.

The company will be limited to processing 750 long tons of sulfur per day, cannot increase its greenhouse gas emissions from current levels and cannot bring in oil by rail, unless it gets a separate permit from the city.

Chevron has predicted that the project would be finished by mid-2016.