Dems use Gore to fundraise on climate

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Former Vice President Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreWho's painting the country red? Must be Trump For 2020, Democrats are lookin’ for somebody to love Key Colorado House committee passes bill to decide presidential elections by popular vote, not Electoral college MORE lent his name to a fundraising email Tuesday as Democrats looked to rally support for their climate change agenda.

Gore applauded President Obama’s efforts, including his proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants.


“In June, President Obama empowered the Environmental Protection Agency to cut carbon pollution, a move which will help reduce dangerous CO2 from power plants by 30 percent in 2030,” Gore wrote in the email to Democratic supporters.

“On top of that, he has established new fuel economy standards that reduce CO2 levels and will save us all money at the pump.”

He also applauded efforts in the 2009 Recovery Act to invest in low-carbon energy technology.

Gore said the country needs to elect lawmakers who will take action on climate issues.

“The time for leadership in the face of this threat has not passed,” he said. “If ever there were a moment to send leaders to Washington who make climate legislation their top priority, this is it.”

The email directs users to sign a climate action petition, which leads to a solicitation for donations.

Gore, a prominent environmental activist, is known for his book and film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which sought to raise attention to climate issues.

He has largely been supportive of Obama’s second-term emphasis on climate change, including the proposed EPA rule.

In Obama’s first term though Gore was often critical, saying that the president had not taken bold enough action on the environment.

Republicans have hammered on the president’s climate agenda, but Democrats have pushed back, believing the issue will help bring young voters to the polls in November’s midterms.

Billionaire Tom Steyer is also working to make climate change an issue in key races and to rally donors behind his effort.