Natural gas industry launches threat communication system

The American Gas Association (AGA) Tuesday launched a system to allow natural gas utilities to share information about physical and cyber threats to infrastructure and distribution.

The system, known as the Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center, enables natural gas distributors to share details about threats, analytics and other tools, AGA said.


“Information-sharing is a fundamental pillar of a robust cyber and physical defense effort,” AGA president Dave McCurdy said in a statement.

“The DNG ISAC is tailored to address the distinct operational needs of the downstream natural gas sector and provides the technological sophistication and coordination necessary to meet the ever-changing threats of the 21st century,” he said.

More than a dozen other industries have similar approaches to threat information systems, including electrical, nuclear, financial and telecommunications sectors. Utilities that provide electricity and gas currently use the electric threat system, though that will soon be integrated with the gas one, AGA said.

“AGA and our member companies continue to take a leading role in efforts to help ensure the security and resiliency of the natural gas delivery system — allowing customers and the nation to benefit from our abundance of clean, domestic natural gas for decades to come,” said McCurdy.