Alec Baldwin endorses UN climate summit, renewable energy

Actor Alec Baldwin said he hopes the United Nations climate summit next week will help convince Americans to take action to stop climate change.

He also hoped that the event would spur the United States to adopt more renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.


“We’ve been talking about this for 25 years,” Baldwin told The Associated Press at a New York City book signing event.

“We need to learn the lessons that other people are learning — no nukes, less coal ... reduce, reduce, not eliminate,” the “30 Rock” star said. He specifically applauded Germany, which is making an effort to shift completely to renewable energy.

Baldwin told the AP he opposes hydraulic fracturing, even if it could lead the United States to be energy independent.

“For me, energy independence comes from renewables,” he said.

He will not attend the Sept. 23 climate summit, he said, because he will be traveling that day to a film shoot.