Coal mogul blasts ‘insane’ administration of ‘King Obama’

Murray Energy Corp. Chief Executive Officer Robert Murray blasted the Obama administration’s policies that harm coal, saying climate change is a hoax.

“The insane, regal administration of King Obama has ignored science, economics, our poorer citizens and those on fixed incomes, our manufacturers, and the constitution, as it has bypassed our Congress,” Murray said Monday at a coal industry conference in Pittsburgh, according to Bloomberg News.


Murray, whose company is the largest closely-held coal producer, said he’s pumping money into Republican campaigns for this year’s midterm elections to stop what he sees as anti-coal policies, Bloomberg said.

Murray Energy frequently sues the federal government to stop regulations that affect coal. Just this year, the company has filed lawsuits against rules to reduce miners’ exposure to coal dust and cut carbon pollution from power plants, along the a lawsuit to invalidate a variety of Environmental Protection Agency rules because the agency did not estimate job losses.

Murray also predicted Monday that more coal companies would file for bankruptcy following the recent filings of James River Coal Co. and Patriot Coal Corp.

“Some companies have been totally erased by bankruptcy or significant liquidity problems, and other probable company financial failures have been identified by us,” Murray said, declining to identify specific companies, according to Bloomberg.