Republicans for Environmental Protection rebrands

Republicans for Environmental Protection is launching an image makeover aimed at emphasizing conservation.

The group, which was founded in 1995, said Monday it is changing its name to ConservAmerica “to draw more recognition to the inherent connection between conservation and conservatism.”


The organization’s core mission of ensuring that conservation and environmental protection are “fundamental elements” of the Republican party has not changed, the group said.

David Jenkins, ConservAmerica’s vice president for government and political affairs, warned that the Republican Party is in danger of being viewed as anti-environment.

Democrats have taken aim at House Republicans for pushing several bills to rollback or delay Environmental Protection Agency regulations. They’ve labeled the House GOP as the most anti-environment in history.

“Conservatism is in danger of being redefined in the minds of Americans as something it is not — an ideology devoid of the ethics of responsible stewardship, prudence and humility that have been essential aspects of genuine conservative thought for more than two centuries. Changing that misunderstanding about conservatism is essential to ConservAmerica’s mission,” Jenkins said in a statement.

The group says conservation is a long-time Republican priority, pointing to Theodore Roosevelt and others.