Poll: Canadians less supportive of joint energy policy with US

Support for a joint energy policy with the U.S. has fallen among Canadians in large part due to the delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline, according to a new poll.

The poll conducted by Nanos Research and the State University of New York, found the number of Canadians who think it's important to have a shared energy policy with the U.S. fell to 75 percent.


Last year 78 percent supported an integrated policy, and 84 percent supported it in 2009, Bloomberg reports.

Support in the U.S. for a joint policy with Canada has not wavered, remaining at 84 percent.

Chairman of Nanos Research and author of the report Nik Nanos told Bloomberg News that the drop in support for such a policy is a result of "cordial dysfunction" between the two countries.

It hasn't been all nice words between the leaders of the two nations, either. Earlier this year, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called President Obama out for keeping the Keystone pipeline in a "state of limbo."

“We’re all very cordial but it’s not working,” Nanos said in interview with Bloomberg.

Republican lawmakers have urged the administration to green light the Keystone pipeline, arguing that Canada is a trusted ally.