Poll: Voters want climate policies

Nearly half of voters in the midterm election want the federal government to adopt more policies to fight climate change, according to a new poll.

The Huffington Post/YouGov survey concluded that 49 percent of people likely to vote in Tuesday’s election want stricter climate policies. Thirty-five percent opposed climate rules.


The survey was released Monday, the day before the midterms, for which environmentalists have spent historic amounts of money advocating for candidates who want to take action against climate change.

Despite the high levels of spending, polls have shown that climate change is not a top policy priority for voters.

While the Obama administration is moving to curb greenhouse gas emissions, most respondents in the Huffington Post survey said Congress should take its own action on climate change within the next year.

Thirty-six percent of the voters thought the environment has been getting too little attention from candidates in the midterms, and 22 percent said it has gotten too much attention.

Voters supporting Democrats were more than four times as likely as Republicans to favor greenhouse gas rules and to believe that climate change is caused by human activity.