NRC to increase inspections at Virginia nuke plant that shut down after earthquake

A subsequent inspection conducted by NRC officials found that the earthquake did not cause the backup generator’s failure.

The backup generator problems were a result of the “failure of North Anna personnel to establish and maintain appropriate maintenance procedures for the plant’s emergency diesel generators,” NRC said in a statement Monday.

NRC labeled the violation “white,” the second-lowest category of safety risk. The agency, which is charged with overseeing the country’s 104 nuclear power reactors, said it will subject the North Anna plant to more inspections as a result of the violation.

Activists have pointed to the earthquake to bolster long-time claims for improved safety rules at U.S. nuclear power plants. NRC is in the process of implementing a series of beefed-up safety standards recommended by a federal task force in the aftermath of the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant.