Japan approves new nuclear reactors

Japan’s regulators have approved a pair of nuclear reactors in the Kansai region, in the south-central part of the country.

The new reactors at the Takahama Nuclear Power Plant, operated by Kansai Electric Power Co., represent the second new nuclear approvals since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster and meltdown, Bloomberg News reported.


“In terms of the technical aspects, we approve the compatibility” of the generators with the new post-Fukushima safety rules, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority wrote in the Wednesday report.

The company has given no timeline for when it will open the new reactors or even the plant’s other two reactors, according to Bloomberg.

The majority of people in Japan oppose nuclear power following the 2011 disaster.

After closing all of the country’s nuclear plants in the disaster’s wake, only one plant has been reopened, under tough new safety standards. That plant’s neighbors have continually pushed for it to be closed.

Before the meltdown, Japan used nuclear power for about 30 percent of its electrical needs.

The Takahama approval came days after Shinzo Abe won reelection as prime minister under a promise to revive Japan’s economy. He has pushed for more nuclear power plants to come back online, but faces public opposition, Bloomberg said.