Chamber may score lawmakers on Keystone vote

The Chamber of Commerce is designating Friday's House vote to approve the Keystone XL pipeline a “key vote.”

The designation means that the Chamber, which supports the bill, may use the vote to calculate lawmakers’ records in its annual How They Voted scorecard.


“The Keystone XL permit request has been under consideration by the Administration since 2008; and in the face of continued indecision by the President on this important matter, the Chamber believes it is crucial for Congress to act,” Bruce Josten, the Chamber’s top lobbyist, wrote in a Friday letter to House members.

“The Chamber has long been on record in support of this project because it would produce good, high paying jobs, increase supplies of Canadian and American crude to refiners, and therefore further bolster American economic and energy security,” he said.

The Chamber joins Heritage Action for America among groups supporting the pipeline and considering including related votes in its scorecards.

The scorecards are often important in campaigns for candidates who want to prove themselves as supporters of certain causes.