US, India set sights on Paris climate talks

President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are setting high hopes for the upcoming December climate change talks in Paris. 

During a joint press conference, Obama said the two nations would push for a "strong" international climate accord that over 190 countries would sign to slash greenhouse gas emissions. 


"The prime minister and I made a personal commitment to work together to pursue a strong global climate agreement in Paris," Obama said.

"I think India’s voice is very important on this issue," he added. 

Obama stressed that India is dangerously at risk to the impacts of climate change.

"No country is going to be more important in moving forward a strong agreement than India," he said.

India's commitment to cutting emissions has remained up in the air as the country is heavily dependent on coal and other fossil fuels. 

However, Modi said renewable energy is a "personal and national priority" on Sunday. 

India is seen as a critical player in the climate negotiations heading toward Paris, as the nation is the No. 3 greenhouse gas emitter.

"The President and I expressed hope for a successful Paris Conference on Climate Change this year," Modi said.