California drought could threaten water at restaurants

California drought could threaten water at restaurants
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California’s ongoing drought could spur new rules to require diners to ask for water at restaurants.

Water restrictions were one of the measures considered Tuesday by the state’s Water Resources Control Board, which also discussed having hotel guests ask for new towels and sheets, The Associated Press reported.


The board has sweeping power to write rules designed to conserve water.

It has already restricted the kind of hoses Californians can use to wash their cars and limited lawn watering, and it could ban decorative outdoor water features next.

“I find it galling when whole sets of water glasses end up on a (restaurant) table, even in Sacramento,” said Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the board, according to AP. “The key is to get away from very light mandatory restrictions.”

Some cities in California already restrict unsolicited water at restaurants and fresh sheets and towels at hotels. But the board is likely to act on less intrusive rules first, like the water feature restrictions or expanding the limits on watering lawns.