Gore slams Exxon CEO's climate stance

Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreOvernight Energy & Environment — Starting from 'scratch' on climate, spending bill Equilibrium/Sustainability — Artificial camel nose sniffs out hidden oases Al Gore: Emissions reductions hinge on AI measurements from space MORE is bashing Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson for the executive’s recent comments that appeared to downplay the dangers of global warming.

Tillerson said last week that people will adapt to climate change, and also said that there will be an “engineering solution,” according to press accounts.


That drew the former vice president's scorn.

“Of course, we need to continue developing and deploying new technologies, but we cannot merely engineer our way out of this crisis. We need policy change on a global scale and Exxon has been at the forefront of those blocking change,” Gore wrote on his blog Monday.

The former vice president noted record-breaking high temperatures nationwide and the huge wildfires blazing in Colorado in criticizing the “temerity” of Tillerson’s remarks.

Tillerson addressed global warming and energy before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York last Wednesday.

In his critical comments, Gore singled out one quote from the Associated Press account of Tillerson’s wide-ranging speech.

“We have spent our entire existence adapting. We'll adapt,” Tillerson said, according to AP. “It's an engineering problem and there will be an engineering solution.” 

He also called climate change “manageable,” according to several press accounts.

Here’s more from the AP story:

Tillerson, in a break with predecessor Lee Raymond, has acknowledged that global temperatures are rising. “Clearly there is going to be an impact,” he said Wednesday.

But he questioned the ability of climate models to predict the magnitude of the impact. He said that people would be able to adapt to rising sea levels and changing climates that may force agricultural production to shift.