California officials to propose emergency drought measures

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and state lawmakers will unveil Thursday a $1 billion plan to deal with the state’s ongoing drought.

It will be the second sweeping drought relief bill in as many years in California, following passage of last year’s $687.4 million package, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing sources familiar with the plan.


Brown’s office confirmed to the Times that a plan was coming, but declined to elaborate on it.

The previous drought package focused on aid to areas hit hardest by the years-long water shortages and help with food and housing to their most affected by it.

California voters have also approved a $7.5 billion bond measure meant for long-term water infrastructure projects, the Times said.

The legislative proposal will come two days after the state’s water board ratcheted up measures to conserve water, including new rules for hotels, restaurants and homeowners with lawns.