Obama admin to unveil climate pact contribution

The United States plans to formally submit its plans to cut greenhouse gases this week, as part of a United Nations climate pact.

A White House official told Reuters that the Obama administration will submit its contributions to the agreement Monday or Tuesday.


That would make the United States only the fifth political division to submit a plan to the U.N., following contributions from the 28-nation European Union, Switzerland, Norway and Mexico.

Those countries emit about one-third of the world’s greenhouse gases.

But other major sources of carbon like China, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada and Australia are planning to wait until closer to the December meeting in Paris where the agreement will be finalized, Reuters reported.

World leaders are under an informal Tuesday deadline to submit their plans, which would be put together to form the pact.

While later plans will be accepted, negotiators hoped that ample time before the December meeting would allow for better understanding and conversations. Plans after the deadline will be more difficult to judge, Reuters said.

Last year, the United States said it would reduce its greenhouse gases 26 percent to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. The country’s proposed contribution to the pact is meant to add to that.

Mexico said Friday that its emissions would peak by 2026 and fall 22 percent by 2030.