UN chief cheers Obama’s climate rule

A spokesman for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon applauded President Obama’s climate rule Monday.

Stéphane Dujarric told reporters that the power plant carbon dioxide limits from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show the kind of “visionary leadership” that the U.N. needs for a successful global climate change agreement this December in Paris, Reuters reported.


Ban is scheduled to meet with Obama Tuesday to discuss the rule and the international negotiations.

“We believe that this plan shows the United States determination to address global warming while also saving money and growing economy,” Dujarric said.

“It also recognizes the obligation we all have to leave future generations a planet which provides opportunities for sustainable development,” he continued.

Obama’s international leadership, Dujarric said, is going to be key to getting a “universal, durable and meaningful agreement” finished in December.

"The plan is an example of the visionary leadership necessary to reduce emissions and to tackle climate change," he said, according to Reuters.

Obama is scheduled to formally roll out the rule Monday afternoon.