General Mills plans big greenhouse gas cuts

General Mills plans big greenhouse gas cuts
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Food company General Mills, Inc. said it is pledging to cut greenhouse gases by 28 percent over the next decade across its entire supply chain.

The company said it is embarking on its pledge in order to do its part toward preventing the worst effects of climate change.


“We recognize that we must do our part to protect and conserve natural resources,” Ken Powell, the company’s CEO, said in a statement on Monday. “Our business depends on it and so does the planet.”

General Mills, based in Golden Valley, Minn., described its commitment as stretching from “farm to fork to landfill,” covering every step its foods take.

"Such a broad approach means that the company can have an impact on many other companies and their suppliers and customers," it said.

“We know our greatest impact is outside our four walls — particularly in agriculture, ingredients and packaging,” Powell said.

“To reduce emission levels, we must work across our value chain with growers, suppliers, customers and industry partners. Together, we will identify new solutions and promote sustainable agriculture practices that drive emission reductions.”

The Monday pledge adds to numerous other environmental commitments General Mills has made going back to 2005, including a 2013 pledge to source its 10 most-used ingredients in sustainable ways by 2020.

General Mills will also invest $100 million into energy efficiency and clean energy projects as part of its latest commitment, it said.