Poll: Majority unfamiliar with Solyndra

Twenty-five percent of respondents had a negative view of Solyndra, 15 percent were neutral and just 2 percent held a positive view on the subect, according to the survey conducted in late September.

The Hill has much more on the new poll here and here.

Solyndra was the first company to receive an Energy Department loan guarantee under the authority granted in President Obama’s 2009 stimulus law (although the underlying loan guarantee program was created in a bipartisan 2005 energy bill).

The company’s collapse in late August of 2011, which put more than 1,000 people out of work, was an embarrassment for the White House. Obama had personally visited Solyndra in 2010 to cast it as an example of the emerging green economy.

Congressional Republicans carried out a probe of the loan guarantee that unearthed politically embarrassing information, such as internal emails showing pressure to complete the deal despite internal administration concerns.

A separate inquiry by the Treasury Department’s inspector general similarly showed “rushed” consultations between Energy Department officials eager to complete the deal and Treasury.

However, the Republican probe failed to substantiate GOP allegations that the Solyndra financing was a political payoff for an Obama campaign bundler.

Obama administration officials say the failure of Solyndra and the collapse of manufacturer Abound Solar, another loan guarantee recipient, should not obscure what they call the wider successes and benefits of the program that backs renewable power generation projects, manufacturing and other efforts.