UN head warns of ‘climate catastrophe’ without Paris deal

The head of the United Nations is urgently pushing negotiators in Paris to come to a deal to fight climate change and warning of catastrophe without it.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an “energy revolution,” warning that “the clock is ticking towards climate catastrophe,” and that the world needs more than “half measures,” according to The Associated Press.


Ban was speaking Monday morning in Paris at the site of ongoing negotiations toward a global deal to cut greenhouse gases and fight global warming.

Top national officials, such as foreign and environmental ministers, are in the French capital for the second week of talks, after lower-level negotiators released a draft deal Saturday that leaves hundreds of major questions unanswered.

The climate problem “is calling for a transformative agreement,” Ban said. “Your work here this week can help eradicate poverty, spark a clean energy revolution and provide jobs, opportunities and hope for tomorrow.”

Ban spoke of how important it is that the Paris deal includes responsibilities both for developed countries and for poorer ones, unlike the previous Kyoto accord.

“Developed countries must agree to lead, and developing countries need to assume increasing responsibility in line with their capabilities,” he said, according to AP.

Christiana Figueres, who heads the U.N.’s climate agency, called on ministers present to finalize an agreement ”that safeguards the most vulnerable and unleashes the full force of human ingenuity for prosperity for all.”