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Trump: I can’t wash my hair properly because of water regs

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says water regulations are making it difficult for him to keep his famed mane clean.
Asked about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Waters of the United States” rule at a campaign event in Aiken, S.C., on Saturday, Trump said it significantly impairs his ability to rinse, lather and repeat.
{mosads}“I’ll give you one regulation,” Trump said. “So I build, and I build a lot of stuff. And I go into areas where they have tremendous water. … And you have sinks where the water doesn’t come out.
“You have showers where I can’t wash my hair properly,” he added. “It’s a disaster.
“It’s true. They have restrictors put in. The problem is you stay under the shower for five times as long.”
Trump also reiterated his support for gun rights in light of recent mass shootings.
“The Second Amendment will be totally protected if and when I become president, that I can tell you,” he said. “Totally. Totally protected.”
He said if the victims in the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist attack were armed, they may have been able to defend themselves.
“If I were there, if you were there, if anybody here that had a weapon, if you were in that room, those people wouldn’t have shot 14 people,” he said. “We might have gone down fighting, but they’re going down with us, OK? They’re going down with us.
“These two animals walked into a room and started shooting,” he added.
The real estate mogul also said the press glorified the terrorists of the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks by calling the plotter a “mastermind.”
“I called him the guy with the dirty hat, he was a disgusting guy, they called him the mastermind, and the kids are hearing about the mastermind,” he said. “He’s probably a guy with a very low IQ, he’s probably dumb as a rock.
“They glorify him, they make him like Robin Hood. The press glorifies these people, and they gotta stop,” he added.
Protesters in the audience interrupted the rally on three different occasions, but were escorted out of the auditorium each time without incident.
Trump is currently leading in the South Carolina primary with nearly 30 percent support in the state, according to a RealClearPolitics polling average.
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