Michigan lawmakers approve $30 million for Flint water bills

Michigan lawmakers approve $30 million for Flint water bills
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Michigan’s Legislature passed a bill Tuesday to give Flint residents $30 million to help offset their water bills.

The money is meant to cover the past and future costs of water used for drinking, bathing and cooking since levels of lead and other contaminants spiked, the Associated Press reported.


Residents still have to pay a portion of their water bills, estimated to cover non-dangerous water uses like flushing toilets, washing clothes or watering lawns.

Gov. Rick Snyder (R), who proposed the funding, said Tuesday that he would sign the bill after the Senate’s unanimous vote in favor.

“The Legislature’s approval of this $30 million plan to assist with Flint residents with water bills is a testament to the state’s continued commitment to helping during this crisis,” he said in a statement. “I thank my partners in the House and Senate for their unanimous support and swift action.”

The bill brings the total state emergency aid funding for Flint’s water crisis to $70 million, Snyder said.

About 21,000 water customers have paid their bills throughout the crisis, which started in April 2014 when the state directed Flint to switch its water source to the Flint River. About 9,000 customers have not kept up on their bills.

The legislation provides different water bill offsets for customers depending on whether they stayed current on their bills and whether it is a residential or business customer.