Canada moving closer to carbon pricing agreement

Canada moving closer to carbon pricing agreement
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin TrudeauJustin Pierre James TrudeauCanada vows to retaliate against Trump tariffs  Are US-Japan relations on the rocks? US to restrict border crossings for another month: reports MORE is working to secure commitments from the country’s 10 provinces on a proposal to put a price on carbon. 

Trudeau’s government and leaders for the provinces agreed to the mechanisms for a carbon price this week, Reuters reports, agreeing that individual carbon prices would take into account differing circumstances among the provinces. More details will come following further meetings in October. 


Trudeau’s Liberal Party secured power last fall with a platform of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the nation.

"There will be different approaches but pricing carbon is part of the solution that this country and all of its premiers will put forward," Trudeau said at a Thursday news conference.

The provinces aren’t entirely on board with the government’s proposals, however, and have encouraged Trudeau to give them more flexibility in their environmental regulations. 

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, for example, said he thinks the province’s carbon capture and storage system should count as a de facto carbon price under any proposal put forth by Trudeau’s government. 

"It's a price on carbon for sure," he said. "If there is a notion that comes forward that this (agreement) is some sort of license to pursue a national carbon tax, I will be in disagreement with that." 

Trudeau will visit the United States next week, when he and President Obama will reportedly agree to pursue a North American climate change strategy. Trudeau said this week he’s confident Canada can reach the carbon reduction goals set forth by his predecessor, saying, “We are putting forward a comprehensive and ambitious plan."