Sen. Wyden names top Energy Committee staffer

Joshua Sheinkman will be the committee’s top staffer beginning next Congress, Wyden’s office announced in a Thursday statement.

“As staff director, Sheinkman will lead the committee's work to move the U.S. toward a low-carbon economy, improve management of public lands and bolster the nation's energy security,” Wyden’s office said.

Wyden is replacing current committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.), who is retiring.

Sheinkman has been the Oregon Democrat’s legislative director since 2006, and has been with Wyden since 1993. He also began serving as tax counsel when Wyden joined the Senate Finance Committee.

Sheinkman has published several articles on environmental issues. He and Wyden co-authored "A Road Map for Environmental Law in the Twenty-First Century: Follow the Oregon Trail," a 2000 essay that highlighted Oregon as a national model for environmentally friendly transportation and energy policies.