Emerging Senate fiscal-cliff plan throws lifeline to wind projects

President Obama, in remarks Monday, said the emerging agreement would extend “clean energy” credits but did not provide specifics.

But a Senate GOP aide said the package would include a package of extensions of expiring tax provisions that the Senate Finance Committee approved over the summer.

That committee plan provided a one-year extension of the wind energy tax credits. It also tweaked the way the credit is made available, requiring only that projects have begun construction within the next year.

Wind industry officials have said that the Finance Committee language will expand the number of projects that can take advantage of the one-year window.

That plan also extends a series of other soon-to-lapse or already expired credits, such as incentives for efficient homes, biofuels and other measures.


Wind energy advocates off Capitol Hill said Monday that the plan also appears to include an extension of the wind credit, but they did not have details of the duration or structure.

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— Zack Colman contributed to this report.