Group urges tax-writers in House to phase out energy incentives

Steyer, a member of AEE's board, has pledged to wade into congressional campaigns with his own cash to defeat candidates he considers bad for the environment.

He has threatened to flood the Democratic primary of the Massachusetts special Senate race to punish Rep. Stephen Lynch's (D-Mass.) for his support of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.

On the policy level, Steyer and AEE are pushing wholesale changes to energy tax incentives that would overhaul green- and fossil fuel-energy incentives alike.


AEE outlined four principles for what it considered sound energy incentives: tailor subsidies to drive innovation and commercialization; automatically sunset incentives “when market-based objectives are achieved”; use performance metrics instead of calendar dates to renew or end incentives; and ensure subsidies are technology neutral.

AEE said none of the 26 existing energy tax incentives achieved more than two of those goals.

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