Gore: 'There's no such thing as ethical oil'

Former Vice President Gore on Tuesday said "there's no such thing as ethical oil," slamming the notion that importing oil from U.S. ally Canada was better than doing so from unfriendly nations.

“There’s no such thing as ethical oil. There’s only dirty oil and dirtier oil,” Gore told Canada’s The Globe and Mail during a Tuesday event in Toronto.

Gore was responding to Globe and Mail Editor in Chief John Stackhouse on whether it made a difference that oil sands from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would come from a democratic nation.


U.S. backers of the Canada-to-Texas pipeline have pointed out that the crude it carries would displace imports from less friendly nations, such as Venezuela.

The pipeline, which is at the center of an intense lobbying and political fight, is under federal review.

Gore said he understood the economic factors behind the upcoming White House ruling, but said he didn’t know what President Obama would decide.

Industry groups, Canadian officials, some unions and Republicans and centrist Democrats want to build the pipeline. They say it promises jobs and oil from an ally.

But green and left-wing groups — and their Democratic friends in Congress — oppose Keystone. They say it would deepen U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and pump more greenhouse gases into the air.

On that note, Gore said thought the United States needed to change its ways to reduce the demand for Canada’s oil sands, according to The Globe and Mail.

Still, Gore put some of the blame on Canada.

“I had hoped that Canada would point the way toward a better path, but as yet, it has not,” he said.