Pipeline restarts after Alabama explosion

Pipeline restarts after Alabama explosion
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A pipeline that exploded in Alabama last week, killing a worker, has reopened. 

Colonial Pipeline Company announced it restarted its Line 1 pipeline on Sunday, after repairing the segment in Shelby County, Ala. that caught fire and exploded on Oct. 31. 


The company said it would take several days for the pipeline to deliver fuel at its pre-explosion levels. Fuel in the pipeline — which delivers refined oil from Houston to various points in the eastern United States — will reach its end point in New Jersey by Wednesday, the company estimates.

The pipeline explosion killed one contracted worker at the site, and sent five others to the hospital. As of Saturday, the company said, four of those workers were still recovering from their injuries. 

The company said it has taken water and sediment samples near were the blast site, and they “have shown no impact from the event.”

Last week’s blast raised concerns among Democrats on Capitol Hill, who said the explosion — paired with other issues within Colonial Pipeline’s system — requires a federal Department of Transportation investigation. 

Colonial has said it’s cooperating with probes into the incident. 

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