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Oil lobby lines up Trump administration agenda

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The nation’s top oil and natural gas lobbying group says it expects President-elect Donald Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress to be friendlier to the industry than President Obama’s administration. 

American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard said Thursday the incoming administration should reassess Obama-era rules for the oil industry, approve pipeline projects like Keystone XL and expand drilling rights in the United States. 

{mosads}That message isn’t a new one from API, which has long railed against what it considers excessive federal influence in its industry. 

But with Trump in the White House and Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, the group says it has a chance to break through and institute what Gerard called “forward-thinking energy policies.”

“We need to look at the current regulatory approach holistically,” Gerard said of federal oil and gas regulations. 

“I would suggest that the whole approach should be a priority. What is being done to really impede our ability to provide what the American voters want should be looked at and improved.” 

He said Congress should work to approve oil infrastructure projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL, which developers on Wednesday said they could pursue again once Trump enters the White House. 

“This is one of those areas where we can come together as a nation, we can find common cause, we can bridge the gaps that we had,” he said. 

“Within infrastructure, we need to take a close look at permitting. Dakota Pipeline is an example, the Keystone Pipeline is an example. We need to build this infrastructure to benefit the American consumers.”

Fossil fuel interests and companies have welcomed Trump’s Tuesday victory, and so have their investors: Coal stocks climbed on Wednesday following Trump’s repeated promise to help the fuel as president. 

Greens, meanwhile, are girding for a contentious four years, promising to fight back against Trump’s administration. 

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