GOP to Sen. Boxer: Make Obama administration defend climate plan

“We are certain the President would accommodate the Chairman of this Committee in a request to have his Administration officials represent what he so proudly touts as being good for America,” he wrote in a letter signed by the panel’s eight GOP members. “There seems to be little point in holding a hearing on climate change policy that excludes witnesses from our own federal government to explain the national climate change ‘policy’ unilaterally established by this Administration.”

The hearing Vitter referenced isn’t listed on the committee’s website, and committee Democrats didn’t respond to requests for comment. But Boxer has previously said she wants to hold a hearing on climate change in the middle of July.

Obama revealed his climate agenda after Boxer stated her intent to hold the hearing.


The president’s plan relies on a series of executive actions that go around Congress, which is gridlocked on the issue.

The plan includes emissions regulations for new and existing power plants, bolstering energy efficiency standards and developing more renewable energy on federal land.

Republicans have criticized Obama’s climate push. They say it will raise energy costs and slow the economy, and have labeled the effort a “war on coal.”

“The potential of these government actions to exacerbate the serious economic problems that currently persist justifies asking a panel of federal witnesses, charged with implementing the President’s agenda, to testify as to the scope, purpose, and consequences of such unilateral action,” Vitter wrote.

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