Republican senator presses McMahon on EPA water rule

Republican senator presses McMahon on EPA water rule
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Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) pressed Linda McMahon, President Trump’s nominee to head the Small Business Administration, on whether she’ll push the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to repeal the Waters of the United States rule.

In 2014, Rounds said the SBA Office of Advocacy stepped in on behalf of many small businesses and recommended the entire rule be withdrawn.

He asked if she would be willing to send a similar letter, if confirmed.


The former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment said she looks forward to working with senators who have expressed issues with the rule.

Rounds tried again, asking her directly if she’d send a letter dinging the rule that determines which lakes, rivers, streams and marshes fall under federal jurisdiction.

“I’d like to find the most effective way to put teeth in the Office of Advocacy and if that’s the best way to do so, I look forward to working with you,” McMahon said.

“So can I take that as an almost yes?” Rounds asked.

McMahon simply smiled, and told Rounds she looked forward to working with him.

Trump has called the rule, which asserts federal authority over small waterways, one of the “most intrusive” regulations to come from the Obama administration.

It is currently on hold while it’s challenged in court.