USGS moves to create climate change vulnerability database

The notice to gather information for the registry will be filed in Wednesday’s Federal Register.

The intent of the registry, Thompson said, is to improve planning as governments embark on climate change mitigation efforts to protect species, habitats and water infrastructure.

“It’s enough to give information to people who were conducting a similar project in a similar area an idea of what was already done,” Thompson said.


Thompson said the data would be open to the general public. It will include information like the location of project, who is conducting it, what kind of methodology was used and what kind of climate assessment was considered.

She said groups, such as the National Wildlife Federation, offered advice on the effort, and that USGS hopes to have a version of the registry completed by early next year.

The USGS will collect comments on the proposal for a 60-day period, after which it will go to the White House Office of Management and Budget.