Report: Bloomberg teaming with billionaire activist for climate push

Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will launch a “major bipartisan initiative on climate change” in October with billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer and George W. Bush-era Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, according to a published report.

The plan is mentioned in a new profile of Steyer and his work against the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline in The New Yorker.

Bloomberg has made climate a priority with efforts including a major grant to the Sierra Club’s anti-coal plant work and plans to strengthen New York City’s defenses against powerful storms.


The scope and focus of the new initiative isn’t immediately clear. Aides to Steyer and Bloomberg could not be reached early Monday.

Another tidbit from The New Yorker story: It notes that two advisers of the new bipartisan climate effort — Clinton-era Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Reagan-era Secretary of State George Shultz — don’t see eye to eye with Steyer on Keystone.

From the story:

Some of Steyer’s allies on the climate issue also remain unconvinced that Keystone is the right battle. Rubin, who will be an adviser to the climate initiative being launched by Steyer, Paulson, and Bloomberg, says he doesn’t oppose the pipeline, and Shultz, another adviser to the new effort, favors approving Keystone. “This is oil that’s going to be produced whether or not there’s a Keystone pipeline,” Shultz said. “Get over it!”

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