Green group launches ‘Trump Forest’ to counter Trump environment

Green group launches ‘Trump Forest’ to counter Trump environment
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Environmental activists are urging supporters to plant trees in President Trump’s name to fight back against his environmental policies.

The  Trump Forest campaign, called “Make Earth Great Again,” was started by a New Zealand-based group in March. The group is protesting decisions by the president that they believe will be harmful to the environment, such as pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal.


The organization offers a portal for supporters to donate money to organizations that plant trees and urges them to make the donations in Trump’s name specifically. Organizers are then planning to create a digital map based on tree-planting receipts from supporters. 

One of the founders of the group, Adrien Taylor from the sustainable hat company Offcut Caps, told Fast Company magazine in April that the group hopes to help promote "actual benefit ... from Trump’s stupidity.” 

“The world’s most powerful man doesn’t accept basic climate science, and it’s incomprehensible that Trump is making decisions so harmful to the world at large, undoing much of the good progress that has been made with recent efforts,” Taylor said.

Supporters of the project have already planted 50,000 trees around the world since it launched in March, Huffington Post reported this week. 

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced that officials will reverse course on delaying an Obama-era anti-pollution rule, a day after 15 states sued the Environmental Protection Agency over the delay. 

In May, Trump announced that the U.S. would pull out of the Paris climate deal that represents a collective worldwide effort to tackle climate change, causing severe backlash from world leaders who are in the pact, lawmakers and environmental activists.