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Multiple EPA officials demoted after questioning Pruitt spending: report

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A number of high ranking Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees were demoted, reassigned or requested new positions after raising red flags at the agency, The New York Times reported Thursday.

At least five EPA officials, four of which were high ranking, were given different positions after questioning Administrator Scott Pruitt, according to the report. The reassigned staffers included Kevin Chmielewski, a political appointee who was placed on administrative leave without pay, and three career officials.

Reginald E. Allen and Eric Weese, were given jobs with less daily interaction with Pruitt, while John Reeder left for a temporary job at American University as an “executive in residence,” the Times reported.

CBS reported earlier Thursday that Weese’s job was downgraded after an incident where he told the administrator he could not use the emergency siren lights on his vehicle to get more speedily through D.C. traffic to get to a meeting on time.

Weese, a special agent and 16-year veteran of the EPA in charge of Pruitt’s security detail, was later replaced, CBS reported.

John Martin, who also served on Pruitt’s security detail, was also removed from the team after raising concerns about Pruitt’s use of the detail, the Times reported.

Pruitt has met heavy criticism over the past two weeks for scandals related to his personal housing as well as decisions made within the agency.

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