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Green groups urge Senate to reject Pompeo nomination

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More than 200 environmental advocacy groups are asking the Senate to reject President Trump’s nomination of Mike Pompeo for secretary of State due to his climate views.

In a letter dated Tuesday, national and state groups including Food & Water Watch, Greenpeace and call the former GOP congressman from Kansas and current CIA director a “climate denier” and urge senators to reject his nomination.

“At a time when our planet is rapidly warming and millions are being impacted by climate change supercharged hurricanes, fires, drought, mudslides, and more, the last thing we need is another climate denier in the White House administration; his nomination must be rejected,” the letter reads.

“Any Senator who votes in support of his nomination to the important position of Secretary of State is complicit in advancing the Trump/Pompeo pro-fossil fuel, anti-climate agenda.”


Trump nominated Pompeo to lead the State Department after he ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last month amid a reshuffling of top advisers and Cabinet officials.

As secretary of State, Pompeo would be responsible for representing U.S. interests abroad and would have wide latitude in international negotiations on various issues, the environmental and left-leaning advocacy groups noted Tuesday.

“Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time; indeed, many of our past and remaining responsible national security experts consider climate change to be a major threat to this country’s national security and safety. We cannot afford to have a pro-fossil fuel climate denier in that position. All senators who accept the settled science and care for future generations around must reject his nomination,” they said in the letter.

The letter cites concerns that Pompeo’s stance on climate change could hinder international talks on climate, including the Paris accord. Trump announced last year that the U.S. would withdraw from the agreement.

Pompeo is facing a fierce nomination battle Thursday in front of the closely divided Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A number of senators have already vowed to oppose his nomination, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Pompeo has served as CIA chief since shortly after Trump took office in January 2017. 

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