London may implement 'car-free' days to combat pollution: report

London may implement 'car-free' days to combat pollution: report
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London officials are reportedly considering implementing citywide “car-free” days in an effort to combat air pollution.

A source at London’s City Hall told The Guardian the officials are scheduled to meet Tuesday about introducing car-free days across the city’s 32 boroughs this year.

The source said officials are mulling “more ambitious plans” to roll out car-free days across the entire capital in 2019.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made tackling the city’s toxic air pollution from vehicle emissions by promoting other modes of transportation one of his main priorities.

“[He] is determined to do everything in his power to protect the health of Londoners and prioritise walking, cycling and public transport and reduce Londoners’ dependency on polluting cars,” a spokeswoman for Khan told the paper.

A joint inquiry by U.K. lawmakers earlier this year declared the county’s air pollution a “national health emergency.” It is estimated that the air causes 40,000 early deaths per year, 9,000 of which are in London alone.

Several other cities around the globe, including Tel Aviv, Israel; Reykjavik, Iceland; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bath, England, have held car-free days for years.

The report comes just a few weeks after the U.K. announced it will implement a ban on plastic straws, the first country to do so, in an effort to cut down on plastic waste.