Greenpeace activists fly ‘Superman’ drone in to French nuclear site

Greenpeace activists fly ‘Superman’ drone in to French nuclear site
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Activists with the environmental group Greenpeace said that they crashed a Superman drone into the wall of a French nuclear site on Friday in order to demonstrate the facility's lack of security.

A video posted by the group's French affiliate on Facebook shows the drone flying above the facility in Bugey, before crashing into a wall and falling to the ground. 


In the post, Greenpeace said its activists were able to fly the drone into the nuclear site without any resistance. The drone was harmless but showed the lack of security at the facility, the group said.

"This action has once again demonstrated the extreme vulnerability of French nuclear installations, designed for the most part in the 1970s and unprepared for external attacks," the post says, according to a translation from the ABC.

France generates an overwhelming majority of its electricity from 19 nuclear plants across the country. 

EDF, the state-controlled company that operates the nuclear sites, said that it plans to file a police complaint over the stunt, according to Reuters

"The presence of these drones had no impact on the security of the installations," the company said.