Sweden's tallest peak is melting in a heat wave

Sweden's tallest peak is melting in a heat wave
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Kebnekaise mountain, the tallest peak in Sweden, is reportedly losing inches daily under a persistent heat wave. 

NBC News reported Thursday that high temperatures in the region caused the peak’s height to recede by 13 feet last month. 

Forecasters reportedly predict parts of northern Europe could experience temperatures up to 18 degrees higher than normal in August. 

Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist, a professor of geography at the University of Sweden, told NBC News that she was shocked to see the heat wave melt away so many inches of the glacier on top of the mountain so quickly although it has been a "ridiculously warm" summer in the region. 

"When we got up there, I could see the surface of the glacier looked different than I've ever seen it before," Rosqvist told NBC. 


The mountain, which previously measured 6,893 feet above sea level on July 2, was reported at 6,879 feet by July 31.

The news comes as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reports that hot temperatures in Sweden have contributed to the country’s worst wildfire season in history. The WMO predicts over 74,000 acres have been burned in the region. 

Rosqvist said the extreme weather is a sign that immediate action is needed to address climate change. 

Earlier this week, California's Death Valley broke its own record for hottest month since record-keeping began.

The desert region averaged 108.1 degrees last month, a half-degree increase from its record average in July 2017, according to The Washington Post. Last July's average broke a 100-year record at the time.