EPA cancels three hearings on new vehicle emissions rule

EPA cancels three hearings on new vehicle emissions rule
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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is canceling public hearings slated for Washington, D.C., Detroit and Los Angeles to discuss its proposed weakening of Obama-era vehicle efficiency standards.

The change of plans announced in the Federal Register on Tuesday came as the EPA announced another proposed change to an Obama carbon pollution rule. 

The EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will instead hold two public hearings on the proposal, known as the SAFE Vehicles Rule, in Pittsburgh and Fresno, Calif., on Sept. 21 and 24 respectively. 


The Trump administration's Aug. 2 issuance of the rule, which aims to put a freeze on toughening standards for vehicle emissions first put in place under the Obama administration, sparked controversy. The administration argues that the emissions goals were too lofty and placed an unnecessary economic burden on car and light-weight truck manufacturers.

The rule proposes to also limit California's ability to set its own more stringent standard, a decision that will likely end up in court. A dozen other states currently follow California's standard, and a number of state attorneys general have threatened to take the EPA to court over the rule.