Democratic Party tweets 'same' to Bill Nye blasting climate change deniers

The Democratic Party on Tuesday tweeted a message endorsing a video of celebrity scientist Bill Nye blasting climate change deniers.

"Same, Bill," the official Democratic Party Twitter account posted. "Same."


In the video posted by Newsweek, Nye denounced claims that scientists are profiting from climate change research. 

"As I joke, some of those guys drive Honda accords, that’s the kind of cash they’re rolling in," Nye said. "You don’t get rich studying climate change. So the reason scientists are so concerned is because the situation’s very serious." 

President TrumpDonald John TrumpSchiff blasts Trump for making 'false claims' about Russia intel: 'You've betrayed America. Again.' Poll: Sanders leads 2020 Democratic field with 28 percent, followed by Warren and Biden More than 6 in 10 expect Trump to be reelected: poll MORE has cast doubt on multiple scientific reports that concluded climate change is largely caused by human activity and has devastating consequences. Trump in an interview earlier this year claimed that climate scientists promote an "agenda" in order to make money.

"How do you know the climate is changing?" Nye asked in the video. "Because we’ve studied it. We’ve looked at the bubbles in the ice, the pollen in the pond silt, the tree rings. We, scientists, have studied it." 

"Climate change deniers are almost all old, they’re almost my age and older," Nye said. "Once in a while you meet a young person who’s a climate change denier but it’s very, very seldom." 

Nye said the concern of scientists is the "speed" at which the planet's atomsphere is changing. 

"It’s how fast things are changing," Nye said. "We’re not going to be able to raise enough food to feed everybody, we’re not going to be able to ship it to people around the world if we don’t get to work." 

A federal report released last month concluded that climate change is poised to slash the U.S. economy and substantially diminish the day-to-day lives of all Americans. Trump administration officials have questioned the report, which was authorized by 13 federal agencies, saying it was produced based on dubious modeling techniques. 

Another report, released in October by the the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), warns that the world might be on a path toward catastrophic climate change if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t cut dramatically by 2030. The Trump administration also refused to endorse that report in a subsequent U.N. conference.