EPA chief knocks Green New Deal: 'Not really ready for prime time'

Acting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Andrew Wheeler knocked the Green New Deal and its rollout as "not really ready for prime time."

"I've read the resolution that they put out. I've also read the fact sheet that they later disavowed. I'd say probably the rollout was not really ready for prime time," Wheeler said in an interview with ABC that aired Wednesday.


"But, I am concerned that they really don't seem to value a stable electricity source, grid reliability and for human health and the environment here at the agency, I have to be very concerned about that because it's the electricity system that supplies our drinking water system that runs it."

Wheeler was referring to a Green New Deal FAQ sheet that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezClub for Growth to launch ad blitz in Georgia to juice GOP turnout Trump will soon be out of office — but polarization isn't going anywhere Trump tweets Thanksgiving criticism of NFL QBs for kneeling MORE (D-N.Y.)'s office sent out to multiple outlets, including The Hill.

It included provisions about eliminating air travel, acknowledged it couldn't stop cow flatulence and guaranteed economic security for those who are “unable or unwilling to work.” 

Ocasio-Cortez later clarified that the official stances of the Green New Deal are in the resolution that she introduced with Sen. Ed MarkeyEd MarkeyUS national security policy in the 117th Congress and a new administration OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Biden eyes new leadership at troubled public lands agency | House progressives tout their growing numbers in the chamber at climate rally | Trump administration pushes for rollback of Arctic offshore drilling regulations House progressives tout their growing numbers in the chamber at climate rally MORE (D-Mass.) earlier this month and the FAQ sheet was sent out in error.

The proposal is focused on achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within the next 10 years while also creating millions of “good, high-wage jobs.”

It specifically outlines plans to build or upgrade to "energy-efficient, distributed, and 'smart’ power grids" as well as "ensuring affordable access to electricity." 

The Green New Deal resolution also highlights the importance of improving energy infrastructure and "guaranteeing universal access to clean water."