France introduces 'eco-tax' on airline tickets

France introduces 'eco-tax' on airline tickets
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France introduced an "eco-tax" on airline tickets departing from the country starting next year, The Associated Press reported.

Transport minister Élisabeth Borne announced the fee, saying it will be between 1.50 euros, $1.70, and 18 euros, $20 for outbound flights.


The tax is expected to raise more than $200 million to be invested into environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure, like rail.

Domestic flights and flights to French territories will be exempt from the tax. Flights arriving in France will not incur a fee either.

The tax comes a year after the French government had to retreat from fuel tax rises following mass protests from the "yellow vests."

According to the European Commission, transportation emissions account for almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emitted by the continent.

Aviation accounts for just 12 percent of transportation-related emissions, but is expected to be a growing source.

The commission says that without any action, CO2 emissions from aviation will grow by up to 300 percent by 2050.