Paris records its hottest day ever amid European heat wave

Paris records its hottest day ever amid European heat wave
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Temperatures in Paris hit a new high by soaring to almost 108 degrees Thursday as Europe suffers through a heat wave.

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe urged residents to "take care of themselves but above all others, especially those who are alone," adding that elderly people were especially vulnerable, The Guardian reported.


“When it is this hot it is not just people in a fragile state who can have health problems," added Environmental Minister Élisabeth Borne, according to multiple news reports.

It's unclear if the French government has received reports of any heat-related deaths, but a similar heat wave in 2003 led to 15,000 deaths.

The Guardian reported that temperatures in the Netherlands also hit record highs.

The heat wave has reportedly killed hundreds of livestock across Europe.

The World Meteorological Organization said the heat wave is a result of climate change, which experts say could lead to longer, more devastating weather phenomena worldwide.

The organization noted that last month was the hottest June in recorded history on average around the world, beating the previous record set in June 2016.