Biden defends ties to former fossil fuel executive at climate forum

Joe BidenJoe BidenThe Supreme Court and blind partisanship ended the illusion of independent agencies Missed debt ceiling deadline kicks off high-stakes fight Senate infrastructure talks spill over into rare Sunday session MORE had to play defense during CNN's climate town hall Wednesday, starting his portion of the night answering a question about news he would attend a fundraiser hosted by a former fossil fuel executive the following day.

An audience member asked Biden about the scheduled fundraiser with Andrew Goldman, a co-founder of Houston-based natural gas producer Western LNG. The meeting was first reported Wednesday by CNBC.
Biden has signed the No Fossil Fuel Pledge, an agreement that his campaign would not accept donations from the fossil fuel industry or its executives.
"He's not a fossil fuel executive," Biden said, adding that he supports suing the fossil fuel industry over its contributions to climate change.
CNN's Anderson Cooper later clarified that Goldman no longer had any day to day functions with the company.
Biden said his staff told told him Goldman "was not on the board, or not involved at all in the operation of the company."
He added that if that turns out to be false, he wouldn't "in any way accept his help."
"We check every single contribution," Biden said.
"VP Biden signed a pledge not to take money from fossil fuel executives. He stands by it, and he has not violated it," she wrote.