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Kerry urges China and India to step up on climate change in WaPo op-ed

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, in a Washington Post op-ed Sunday, urged China and India to step up in the fight against climate change and fill in the role previously held by the U.S.

"This month, India announced it is making strong progress on its massive 175 gigawatts of new installed renewable capacity by 2022; 99 percent of electric buses currently on the road are in China, thanks to ambitious national policies," Kerry said.

"But make no mistake, the true test for the two countries, and for all of us, arrives this week at the secretary-general's summit. China and India have the chance to be much more explicit in their commitments about strengthening action and to clearly prove that they won't be held back by a recalcitrant Washington or anyone else."

China and India, the two largest nations in the world by population, have taken significant steps to overhaul their energy production and limit greenhouse emissions.

At the same time, the Trump administration has exited the Paris agreement, which Kerry played a role in negotiating, and rolled back environmental regulations.

"Swift, ambitious action can put the Paris agreement on track for success and put the deniers, the delayers and the distorters on the defensive," Kerry said.

"The United States will be back at the table after 2020, but in this aberrational period of shortsightedness, now is the time for China, India and other countries to prove just what we are missing."