EPA set to announce new standards for lead in water

EPA set to announce new standards for lead in water
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Wheeler is set to make the official announcement in Green Bay, Wis., on Thursday afternoon.
“We're tightening those standards for the first time in over 20 years and we're doing that because of the lead impact on children,” Wheeler told local Indianapolis station WIBC.
Lead contamination issues rose to national prominence in 2014 after children in Flint, Mich., were found to have elevated blood lead levels from the water supply.
Since then the EPA has been under pressure to reevaluate its standards for lead in drinking water and to stem side effects in the estimated 6 million homes with lead pipes.
Lead pipes were banned in 1986. But many older homes still have them, while others are connected to city services by lead service lines. 
Cities often reduce lead levels in water by footing the expense to remove lead pipes or by adding anti-corrosive chemicals to water.