Sierra Club pre-debate ad buy promotes green economy

Sierra Club pre-debate ad buy promotes green economy
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For its first political ad of the 2020 campaign, environmental champion The Sierra Club is promoting a green economy. 

Run on MSNBC the day before the primary debate in Atlanta, Ga., the advertisement focuses on solar industry employees in the state. Wednesday's debate is hosted by MSNBC.

Titled “We need a president who supports the clean energy economy,” the commercial highlights comments from workers at Creative Solar, a Georgia-based solar installation business. The advertisement touts the economic benefits that solar and clean energy have provided to Georgia in an attempt to link the issue of climate change and job creation to the oncoming debate.


“The booming clean energy economy is helping people create a better future for themselves and their families while, at the same time, helping to tackle the climate crisis that threatens our collective future,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune in a statement.

“Workers see new job opportunities, communities see thriving local economies, and the American people see the inevitable transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. It’s time we have a president who understands this.”

Climate change has risen in the ranks as a top issue for Democrats voting in the 2020 election. Both MSNBC and CNN have dedicated an entire forum to climate change issues. Yet presidential candidates didn’t get any questions dedicated to global warming issues during the last debate in October in Westerville, Ohio.