Fencing erected near White House amid protests to be removed

Fencing erected near White House amid protests to be removed
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The National Park Service (NPS) will take down fencing around the south side of the White House "on or about" Wednesday, an agency spokesperson told The Hill.

The spokesperson added in an email that U.S. Park Police officials are still in discussions with the Secret Service about fencing in front of Lafayette Square, where multiple Black Lives Matter protests have been held in recent days.

The Washington Post previously reported that part of the fencing around Lafayette Square would be removed by Wednesday.


Officials put up the fence in response to a wave of protests that followed the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. 

Protests against police brutality have sprung up across the country since Floyd’s late-May death. 

Since going up, the fence around the White House has been covered in artwork in support of the protests, including posters that said “Black Lives Matter” and called for criminal justice reform, defunding police and voting. 

An NPS spokesperson did not immediately respond to the Post’s question about what would happen to the art. 

Before the fence was erected, protesters had gathered in Lafayette Square. They were cleared from the area last week by law enforcement using chemical irritants.

Park Police initially said that no tear gas was used, counter to multiple reports; however, a department spokesman later said that this characterization was a “mistake."

--This report was updated on June 10 at 10:25 a.m.